Formerly known as Airways Aviation News, Aspire Aviation (卓志航空) is established in 2008 as a website which provides qualitative insights, analyses and commentaries on some of the most popular and pressing issues in the aviation & aerospace fields.

Since then, Aspire Aviation has quickly built its reputation for providing informative and qualitative analyses and reports. Aspire Aviation is in the premier league and at the forefront of aviation analysis whose work is featured on The Wall Street Journal, the TIME, Bloomberg Businessweek, and the Australian Financial Review (AFR).

The new name Aspire Aviation is formally adopted in October 2010, as part of a wide-ranging realignment that sees Aspire Aviation being the leader in providing key industry intelligence in the modern digital age.

Aspire Aviation is strategically located in Hong Kong, one of the world’s biggest global aviation hubs in addition to being a global financial centre.

Meanwhile, Aspire Aviation also offers rarely-known aviation news in addition to offering popular ones.

Looking ahead, Aspire Aviation will continue to specialise in the coverage of Asia/Pacific airlines in addition to the detailed analysis of aircraft performances.

The aerospace consultancy business of Aspire Aviation is launched in October 2010, aiming at turning ideas and visions into reality for airline customers or aircraft manufacturers.

In doing so, the profitability of airline customers or aircraft manufacturers will be maximised through identifying the most lucrative future market and suggesting practical ideas and solutions to realise these emerging opportunities. Furthermore, practical suggestions will be made in cost-cutting efforts or streamlining of operations, thereby delivering gains to the bottom lines of our customers which are the keys to maintaining profitability in light of the difficulties and uncertainties facing the highly-competitive airline/aerospace industry.

Aspire Aviation – where aspirations take flight.

Daniel Tsang
Founder & Chief Analyst
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+61 (0) 422 392 005

Daniel Tsang, an independent aviation analyst, has established Aspire Aviation, which is formerly known as Airways Aviation News in July 2008.

Daniel Tsang has earned his name and reputation since then for his insightful coverages and his provocative stances in some times.

Daniel Tsang’s research on Chinese carriers was also published in the March 2011 issue of “Orient Aviation“, which was distributed as bonus copies at the Asian Aerospace 2011 in Hong Kong.

Daniel is extensively quoted by news publications and various kinds of media, including:


Consultancy Report

  • Deloitte “2012 Global aerospace and defense industry outlook: A tale of two industries” (March 2012)


  • RTHK Radio 3 “Money for Nothing” (March 2013)
  • Panel moderator, The 3rd China International Air Routes Summit 2013, Shenzhen, China (September 2013)
  • ABC News “The World” (April 2014, July 2014)
  • Speaker, Airline Retail Conference Asia/Pacific 2015, Hong Kong (February 2015)

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David Leo
Consultant & Editor

Having accumulated several decades worth of experience working for a major Asian airline and a major Asian airport, David Leo writes freelance on aviation, offering insights from a different perspective.

David Leo has joined Aspire Aviation in March 2010, bringing his invaluable experience to this site. David Leo will focus on various aspects of airlines’ performance in addition to news about airlines and airports around the globe.