Based in Hong Kong, a global financial centre at the doorstep of the world’s second-largest economy – China, Aspire Aviation‘s unique insights into Asian cultures and the Asia/Pacific airline industry will help you prosper in this lucrative emerging market which is expected to grow rapidly alongside these burgeoning economies in the region.

With our aviation consultancy business, Aspire Aviation aims to develop practical solutions for airlines and aircraft manufacturers that will lower their cost bases without hurting reliability, improve their operational efficiency, and most importantly – boost their profitability.

In doing so, the profitability of airline customers or aircraft manufacturers will be maximised through identifying the most lucrative future market and suggesting practical ideas and solutions to realise these emerging opportunities. Furthermore, practical suggestions will be made in cost-cutting efforts or streamlining of operations, thereby delivering gains to the bottom lines of our customers which are the keys to maintaining profitability in light of the difficulties and uncertainties facing the highly-competitive airline/aerospace industry.

Our Consultant – David Leo

Having accumulated several decades worth of experience working for a major Asian airline and a major Asian airport, David Leo writes freelance on aviation, offering insights from a different perspective.

David Leo has joined Aspire Aviation in March 2010, bringing his invaluable experience to this site. David Leo will focus on various aspects of airlines’ performance in addition to news about airlines and airports around the globe.

Our Consultant – Robert Poon

  • ŸFour years plus experience in the commercial and general aviation engineering sectors including aircraft maintenance scheduling, certification, troubleshooting and structural repair work in the fleet technical management and technical service divisions.
  • ŸHighly-skilled in strategic planning, establishing priorities and delegating tasks in addition to working as part of a team and motivating members to reach for their best.
  • ŸMeticulous with strong analytical and technical abilities.
  • Professional experience includes:

    Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (Swire Group)
    Fleet Technical Management & Technical Services Department

    China Aircraft Services Limited
    Aircraft Maintenance Trainee