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Aspire Aviation provides aviation commentary and analysis, in addition to providing up-to-date information.

Since its inception, our blog has proven to be a well-renowned one, having drawn in 1.7 million annual visits. Readers subscribed to our blog include aerospace and defence analysts, employees from many of the biggest airlines in the world, as well as consultants in the industry.

Aspire Aviation‘s blog has been named “Best Blog of the Year” in flightglobal’s Webbies 2011 awards, with the judges saying “[Aspire Aviation] produced a number of stories that demonstrate a depth of industry understanding, delving into comprehensive industry analyses”, adding: “The site has thorough articles, and Aspire also produces in-depth reports that illuminate key insights about the goings on at the world’s largest aircraft makers.

“The success of Aspire’s content can be seen in the high number of reader comments and social media interaction with its timely content, which contains numerous scoops.

“Aspire has cultivated quality industry sources and has produced content with information not found among other similar blogs. This demonstrates that Aspire’s team has developed excellent industry sources and is seen as a credible industry source not only by its readers but also by industry people,” the judges commented.